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Home Renovations Project Management System

Extension and Renovation Project Managers Melbourne

At The Makeover Group, we make it easy with your very own renovation project manager who acts as your (informed & qualified) eyes and ears onsite to ensure your renovation project is delivered:

  • With your original design intent
  • On time
  • Within your budget
  • To industry building standards

You will enjoy the transparency and access to project information via our project management portal from anywhere in the world.

Importantly, you won’t have to manage the day-to-day issues that rise with most home extensions and renovations.

Finding designers & builders, checking references, attending quotations, checking the work quality, resolving trade disputes, scheduling works, calling builders back for defects, checking you’re not overbilled, managing project cashflow, etc, etc. Our renovation project management service covers all this for you.

As you can see, project managing an extension or renovation involves managing a number of contractors, trades materials and various other parties. So, we use a proven project management methodology.

7 Benefits of our Project Management System

  1. You will avoid confusion and disputes – your project manager captures all project communications in chronological order in your online project management portal. That means your extension/renovation is documented all the way through so nothing slips through the cracks.
  2. Manage your costs and variations – Manage costs and approve variations in real time. You authorise any changes online before they can take place meaning no unexpected budget surprises.
  3. Monitor your project’s progress – See how your extension/renovation project’s tracking – real time. Your work schedule is updated regularly in your portal.
  4. See your selections – Manage your selections, highlighting any changes or decisions that need to be made via the project management portal. It’s all captured.
  5. Drill into the detail of your renovation/extension – Understand everything about your renovation from a birds-eye perspective, right down to allowances for specific fittings in specific rooms.
  6. Save Your Own Time – You don’t have to be on site everyday. Instead, your project manager acts on your behalf to manage your extension/renovation.  Whilst there are pre-determined checkpoints for you to tour your renovation, most of the reporting is delivered to your desktop or mobile.
  7. Enjoy a quality renovation to your home – Eliminating the risk most renovation novice clients run. Instead, our experienced, informed, qualified and registered staff ensures your renovation meets industry standards.

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 Extension and Renovation Project Management Methodology

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