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7 Makeover Mistakes landlords make trying to create positive cashflow properties

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Positive Cashflow and Positive Gearing Property News

Positive Geared Cashflow Property Makeovers - Rent Builder

Rent Builder™ investment property makeovers help landlords:

>Turn under-performing investments into positive cashflow properties

>Reduce tenant turnover and vacancies

>Create a positive geared property portfolio - faster

>Get better tenants who look after your investment property

> Rent Builder positive cashflow property renovations more than fund themselves. That is, our proven approach ensures your improved rent exceeds your makeover funding costs. 

This puts more money in your pocket every month. No more topping up the mortgage payments.

Importantly, we can usually tell by reviewing a property beforehand, whether your investment will become a positive cashflow property. The decision whether to proceed, or not, is then entirely yours.

> Your makeover or renovation is fully managed so you don’t have to endure the whole drama of finding designers & trades, checking references, attending quotations, checking the work quality, resolving trade disputes, scheduling works, calling trades back for defects, checking you’re not overbilled, managing project cashflow, etc, etc. We do all this for you with our unique project methodology.

> Our proven colour schemes and finishes are professionally designed to create popular and appealing properties – where tenants love to live. After all, happy tenants make for good tenants - who pay a premium and stay longer.

> Your positive geared property and greater capital value allows you to grow your stable of properties faster, with less stress.

> You receive one, fixed price quote for all works to eliminate costly surprises and protect your profits. Instead, you’re freed up to focus on the bigger investment picture.

> Your makeover is delivered within 2-3 weeks so your property has less rental downtime between tenancies. Our project delivery methodology works.

> Your property is kept in good condition meaning you’ll have less maintenance calls from your property manager, reducing unexpected bills

> We’re registered building practitioners so our work has a full warranty with Home Warranty Insurance so you’re protected for the future.

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